Screen Printing

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Screen printing will give you the best quality print. If it's 12 shirts or 3000, we got you covered. We have an endless amount of colors and garment options to choose from.

Screen Printing Capabilites

Standard Printing

Have a design you are ready to see on a garment or item of your choice?

We will accommodate orders of any size and have a huge inventory of apparel/item options for you to choose from to be printed on. T-shirts? Of course. Tank tops? You bet. Hoodies? For sure. What about tote bags, table clothes, hats, or umbrellas? Absolutely! And plenty more. Contact us to get started on an order or to get a quote.

If you are new to having items printed and aren’t sure where to start, no worries, we got you! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll have some recommendations ready to help bring your vision to life.

Water Based/Discharge

Using water based inks provides the opportunity for your design to be embedded into the fabric/item of your choice as opposed to being printed on top. The outcome leaves you with a super soft printing effect. Think, your favorite vintage tee.

Similarly, we also have discharge inks. Discharge inks are water based too, but instead of embedding into the fibers of what they’re being used on they basically re-dye the garment/items to a new color. So now think, your favorite bleached vintage tee.

For apparel items, these types of inks are best suited for primarily cotton based garments. With that said, this means they can also be a great choice for paper items too!

Simulated Process

If you have a complex design or high-resolution image (such as a photo) you want to get printed, we can use simulated process printing to provide you with the highest quality print to showcase the details in your design.

Simulated process printing requires individual colors from your design to first be separated completely and then re-layered with one another upon final printing. The color separation part of the process does incur additional charges due to the extensive nature of ensuring the colors will seamlessly transition into a high clarity print.

Puff Suede

Appeal to another one of the senses, touch! Add some texture to your design by requesting puff or suede additives to your ink print that will make your designs feel as impressive as they look.

Metallic, Glitter & Foil

Let your design stand out and demand the attention it deserves! You can request metallic, glitter, or foil ink options to apply as accents or even for your entire design.